African American Culture Olaudah Equiano Summary

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African nations have cultural practices and understandings that are not always broadcasted to Western civilization. Olaudah Equiano shares a glimpse of his experience as an African man living through turmoil. Equiano's life and understanding show us that there is much more to African culture and history than might be believed if research is done through reading or film-watching as Africa is. African history is like a case study that requires ton of research. Thankfully, Equiano gives us a first-hand experience of African life, opening the eyes of all who read his biography.
According to Equiano, Europeans have been through horrible things. Although he himself did not experience the safety of European lifestyle- compared to that of an average
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Each group represented a specific, important part of life and event. The kingdom was made up of many musicians, singers, poets, dancers, and artists; Much like many kingdoms and societies were during that period. The people of the kingdom lived simple lives. They did not believe that luxury greatly increased the meaning of life. Clothes and homes were plain and clean. However, when they did indulge in the occasional luxury, they used perfumes and alcohol on certain occasions. A woman's job was to take care of the men in the family an essential part of which was to make clothing for them to wear. Inside of the Equiano society, religion played a crucial role. Throughout each film, there is different interpretation of African culture whilst each film paints a similar picture to what Equiano describes on a broader level. Due to present laws, certain parts of the films have been left out; As such there is no accurate account of the culture. On the other hand, there are many films that have been made which inform us of long ago events in Africa. In these films, you see the difference in Africa's style of dancing that existed in the past and that now. They own music and rhythms were made to dance and express themselves. The films also show women making clothing for their families which is very similar to Equiano's account of
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