African Dance Writing: Intimate Reflection

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SELF PORTRAIT: INTIMATE REFLECTIONS By Syeita M. Rhey SELF PORTRAIT: Intimate Reflections CONTENTS PAGE… I. MEET SY I Dream of the West Indies Wesleyan Street Projects Just Me African Dance Performance A Haiku Dear D.C.F Black Is Beautiful Gossip What Do You Mean I Sound White?! Short Story II. BEFORE I LEARNED TO LOVE MYSELF FIRST Mr. Love First Light Homey, Lover, Friend Part I The Spell Upset I Love You. But I Love You Not. The Letter Haiku II If I Took My Love Away Homey, Lover, Friend Part II III. WHEN DEATH STARTS TO BECOME TOO FAMILIAR The Blessed Memory Miscarriage A Broken Heart Vacant Eyes Child’s Prayer Fein Xavior’s Resting Place IV. MATRIARCHS: GRANNY & NANA Raggedy Gray Strands Remembering Granny’s Amber Trophy Dedication to Granny Gone Home This Old House A Poem for Nana This book is dedicated to my family and close friends; special thanks to Mr. Lance and the Knox family for their friendship and generosity. In loving memory: Cover: To the colorful Patricia Rosoff who inspired me to create this piece in her art class at K-O. Book: My adopted mother and grandmother, Mary Alice Rhey (Nana) and Mary Elizabeth McGill (Granny)…thank you. I. MEET SY I dream of the West Indies I dream of the West Indies. Where my native soil is foreign to me; a culture overshadowed by an American side, held captive by

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