African Figurine Research Paper

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Project 1: African Figurine (photo lykostabletop003_JA) African figurines are interesting photographic elements, but almost all figurines give excellent photographic subjects. The background can be a sheet of paper or cardboard. I use a tabletop studio from Modahaus, with different polymer backdrops that are easy to clean and last for ages. The first image of the figurine was shot with the Lykos Bicolor light positioned to backlit the figurine. To find the adequate exposure for the shot I used the Ezybalance 30cm 18% Grey/White, one of the special ingredients for this recipe. The white surface allowed me to bounce some of the light coming from the Lykos Bicolor back to the figurine, to show the drawings on the metal. The third image, with white/grey background, was created by placing an acrylic sheet over two carboard boxes, the Modahaus studio over it, with the figurine. A white background from the Modahaus set was then placed over the figurine (see image), so as to create a light tent. The LED Light LYKOS ByColour was placed under the acrylic, for this result. Project 2: The necklace (photo lykostabletop004_JA) The necklace photograph relies both on colour and the detail to grab attention. There is one more element that I use a lot in my tabletop photography: a large mirror. It’s a very efficient solution…show more content…
Used with a LED panel, it gives you the fill-in light, if needed, from the opposite side, hence the reason why I suggest that one LED light is enough. Used over a window, the diffuser softens the light from the Sun. My choice of a 50cm size is simple: it is easy to handle and is enough to soften the light coming through a window, for most portraiture work, while also being a manageable size for tabletop. My idea of “less gear more fun” applies here. I know there are some reflectors/diffusers with multiple surfaces, but I want to keep it simple
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