African Imperialism DBQ

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The Age of the new Imperialism began in the 1870s. Imperialism is when a nation dominates another country economically, politically, and economically. Economic , political , and social allowed forces to take over countries around the world. There were 7 different European countries with colonies in Africa. British,French ,German , Italian, Spanish, Portuguese and Belgian. Ethiopia and Liberia were independent nation. Humanitarians were the first to explore Africa's interior. Europeans were able to control Africa's people, resources and land. They had technological superiority to control Africa's empire. Africa was rich in minerals and natural resources. Every nation was competing with each other to gain more land . The 14 European nation met…show more content…
Economic were more of a driving force because they were in need for natural resources for them to improve technology and their nation. Europeans wanted African resources like rubber and oil.They also wanted to create new markets for their goods that would lead them to great wealth for their nation. Several European industries benefited from African resources. Cotton, rubber, oil, zinc , coffee, gold, diamonds, peanuts, bananas, cocoa, sisal, ivory and gum were exported(Doc D). Out of all these resources they made lots of products and made money off of it. The money allowed them to buy resources and products to sell them and increase their economics. It allowed them to give their people wealth too.” Great Britain made 3 million dollars in 1854 and 21 million in 1900”, (Doc E). Document E shows they earned money from taking Africa's exporting to make their empire more bigger.This shows that economics helped them get things and expand their land. Without economics there would be no competition or politics. Economic factors allowed new inventions to be discovered. It allowed them to buy products to invent these things. Without the guns , Europeans couldn't take over Africa and other lands. It helped spread imperialism by the telegraph allowing people to talk long distances. “Bessemer process allowed them to build railroads and bridges(Doc C). This invention helped people deliver and send off products around the world . Economic helped pay for it to get build and they make money off off selling off the products. It was a better driving force because Europeans benefited from from the new technologies and made them some what rich. Economics was the better driving force behind European
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