African Imperialism In Africa

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The imperialism began from Africa. Imperialism basically means expanding nation’s power or influence by direct control of a territory or by controlling economy and politics. Between 1500 and 1800, Europeans were only seen in Africa to buy and sell slaves from local chiefs. As in Africa there was a huge problem of contagious malaria and other harmful diseases. Europeans became helpless to these diseases, so by 1833, the British government banned the slavery. The end of slavery brought the Europeans interests in imperialism and conquering colonies. European countries were interested in Africa for many reasons. Africa was filled with such incredible natural resources such as; copper, ivory, and rubber, the europeans countries competed among themselves…show more content…
Imperialism obviously caused the problems all throughout the 1870 to 1914, but it also caused some good things. Africa and India were the places where the basic necessities were not people’s thing. Imperialism helped by giving the basic necessities, improving colonies sanitation, and education. People were taught basic hygiene habits, cleanliness and importance of studies in Africa and India. Building hospitals, schools, and factories helped in creating more jobs for the people were the ways of making countries civilized. Making African products become more valuable to the international market helped Africa a lot as it gave them a good amount of money. Better medical care and sanitation which caused higher lifespans, increased agriculture products, and higher literary rates in Africa and India. It helped a lot in giving the weak countries new western technologies, transportaton, and war techniques. This advancement in technology increased population and food production, benefitting everyone. The European technologies helped countries in advancing the colonized Asian countries and Africa. The colonized countries got ideas how their countries should be governed in order to be advance and strong country. During imperialism, as Europeans entered the colonized countries many Western cultures and customs were introduced, which helped the countries in becoming more diversited. The countries became more industrialized, helping in increasing the manufacturing of the
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