African Religion Book Report

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An assignment submitted in Partial fulfillments for the requirements of the course AFTR 668: African Culture and Religion

Thoughts about Africa
Religion is as survival as language, and, in one form or another, is found in all human societies. Because of its universality, it is one of the examined social activities.
In the sociology of religion, the religious phenomenon is regarded as something close to a living organism. Religion is believed to be as old as humanity himself, and, for their adherents at least, the different faiths are called eternal institutions .Religion is alive when a person is born; it accompanies that
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Following from Taylor, a lot of studies worked on assumptions, after he had branded and formulated a class of African religious beliefs, beginning with animism and then progressive to ancestor worship, polytheism, and finally monotheism.

When the missionaries arrived, the move was already strong opposed to ATR. At home, in Europe, and North America, opinions were fixed, so that missionaries arrived in Africa with their minds set against a religion which was perceived as satanic and vain. ATR had no chance proving its legitimacy. When colonial governments were established in Africa, they worked with the understanding that ATR was non-religion

The nature of African Tradition

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