African Slave Religion

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It 's states that the first African slaves were brought to the United States in 1619 to Jamestown, Virginia. African slaves were brought to the United States to work in the tobacco fields. After so many years of working in the tobacco fields, the owners and the slaves had many more duties. The slaves work evolved into picking cotton, working on plantations in the South, working in the ‘owner 's’ house or babysitting their children. “Snitches” played a big role in the slavery time period, snitches were African slaves that watched other slaves acting as Labor from slaves was not only cheap but since there were tons of African slaves. To ensure Africans remained slaves their owners took necessary steps to ensure they never thought or desired…show more content…
The Religion Christianity has always been a controversial issue among people. However, the most controversial period regarding Christianity and religion has to be when Africans were converted to Christianity during slavery. There are many reasons why they were converted do with being forced into Christianity. The primary reason slave owners gave was the promise to go to heaven. Owners told slaves that their souls will be saved and they would be finally free in the afterlife. Owners told slaves about heaven to give them hope for their after life when the slaves…show more content…
The slaves that snuck away to hold religious services were severely punished or sent away to another plantation. Owners felt that by allowing their slaves to practice or be converted to Christianity would make the slaves think they were better than. The owners that refused to force or even allow their slaves to convert also believed that there possibly were legal complications in allowing slaves to be Christians. Based on laws by the British owners thought if the slaves were baptized, then they would have to be freed. This prompts laws being passed in 1706 changed to reflect that just because slaves were baptized they had to be freed. Slave owners had no problem with the slaves being baptized as long as the services were organized and ran by whites or

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