African Slavery Research Paper

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African slavery took place at around the 15 to 1800s.They were enslaved because the spaniards had a lot of land but nobody to work on it.Africans were often beat or tortured when denying to work or not working hard enough.No matter the situation it did not really work of for african americans. The most valuable thing to own wasn 't gold or silver,it was land.And there was a lot of it.But All that land was useless without people to farm it.The spaniards had to find people to farm/mine the land that they owned.But they did not want to have to pay for it.So they tried to get slaves. Spaniards initially were enslaving natives.It was benificial for the spaniards beceause they did not have to buy or transport them.But there were also many problems…show more content…
Captured slaves were usually auctioned off to the highest bidder.After being sold,slaves worked in mines,fields or even as domestic servants.They lived a grueling existence.Many lived on little food in small huts.They worked long days and suffered beatings.Slavery was a lifelong condition.African slaves contributed greatly to the economic and cultural development of the americas.Their greatest contribution was their labor.without their backbreaking work colonies may not have
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