Africa In The 20th Century Essay

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Overall (in generally), at the beginning of the twenty-first century, the major (big) black continent’s states as well the much smaller and less populated one, still lacking National Unity due to ethnic and regional conflicts.

Nevertheless, since the 1960s, the black continent has made remarkable progress. In less than half a century, even though it is unlikely the other world region, the education, the health, the employment, the infrastructure, the transport, the agriculture, the industry, the crafts and the commerce have grown considerably.

That is the reason why, in spite of appearances, Africa is the region of the world that has experienced the most intense changes which happened in the world in the 20th century. Indeed, these changes
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The continent went from slavery and being almost entirely colonized, been victimized through political, Economic, social and cultural backwardness, to a continent in progress through promethean efforts. Being aware of its backwardness and determined to overcome it following decades of (into) independence, it understood that its salvation comes from its sons and daughters not from outside friends.

Moreover, the history of mankind is the history of the black man since every new discovery confirms that black Africa is the cradle of humanity, add to that of being the cradle of civilization with the Pharaonic Egypt whose profound links with sub-Saharan Africa are no longer to be demonstrated since the work of the great Senegalese and pan-African scholar Professor Cheikh Anta Diop (19) followed by so many others.

The late associate Professor from Burkina Faso, Joseph Ki-Zerbo had rightly reminded us that "In the beginning it was Africa. They discovered in Chad the oldest Australopithecus (Toumai) which is seven million years old to confirm Africa as the cradle of humanity. Our ancestors were the first to emerge from a favorable ecosystem, from the animal state to launch the immense human adventure of progress ".
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