African Underdevelopment

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4.3. Remedies for African Underdevelopment
If there are the sophisticated problems that constrained development of the continent, we should admit and find out the appropriate mechanisms. Whatever the case we should acknowledge that Africa is a heterogeneous continent in terms of cultures, languages, histories, ethnicity, etc. that receive marginal attention in the discursive practices of development. The basic thrust of modern development scholarship and application returns to the essential notions of Africa’s inadequate characteristics (Andreasson, 2005). By disaggregating regions, we can better understand the diversity of thought, culture, language, or values within these regions, and thus address reverse-orientalism. In addition
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However, the main problem with this philosophical approach is that it does not provide the complex answers to what is a multi-faceted problem of the continent. From the above stated African constraints, the basic ones have stemmed from leadership problems because most of African leaders are considered as corrupted and rent seekers, and thereto problems of their own countries. That creates socioeconomic and political crisis. Basically, we can ask, how could the African leaders be affected by these…show more content…
Arguments for Post-development have been developed by underpinning postmodernism principles: metaphysical unrealistic, epistemologically socially relativistic (subjective) constructive and morally teleological oriented . From this stand, unjust power relationship between developed and developing countries has been considered as basic factor for argument of development issues. Thus the basic assumption is that the power should be shifted from externally standard expertise imposition paradigm to locally oriented internal motivated underpinning. This power shift orientation may be reflected by knowledge capacity development, socioeconomic relation and political decision on the hands of those societies. Some post-development scholars have seen development as imposed program on developing countries by developed ones. Due to this, they consider development itself as problems. But even if the arguments are true, it seems to argue based on unrealistic criticism since development is naturally world phenomenon and can be internally motivated with attached dynamic nature of upward improvements of any

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