Afro American Novel Analysis

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Binish Iqbal Dr. Faiza Zaheer ENG-7201 1 July 2016 Identity is the most poignant and distressing theme in 20th century Afro American Novel. Justify. This does not come as a surprise to those, fairly acquainted with the mores of and motives behind the emergence of Afro American Novel, that it is well-informed and well-stocked with the historical struggles for identification on the part of Afro American community. No less important is the fact that, on the horizon of American Literature, it appeared in the wake of such political junctures as the formation of Jim Crow laws and anti-lynching movement; such social transmogrifications as Civil War and tactful disenfranchisement of most Blacks; and above all such literary rebellions as Racial Uplift Agenda and Harlem Renaissance. Hence, identity crisis was very much in the highlight. A discursive analysis of the manifesto of the above mentioned two literary movements alone suffices for the study of identity conflicts within and without the literary spheres. W. E. B. Du Bois in his article The Criteria of Negro published in the journal The Crisis declared that all art is propaganda and so laid down the foundation of Racial uplift Agenda that employed literature to spread a favourable image of the Black (290-297). Harlem Renaissance improved on the earlier movement by not merely sticking to the promulgation of a positive image of the Black community but also by exposing the racial oppression in American society. In these
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