After Auschwitz Anne Sexton Summary

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After Auschwitz”
“After Auschwitz”, is a poem written by Anne Sexton, January 1973. “After Auschwitz” poem is laced with an abundance of poetic devices. I will discuss, the poetic devices used, while addressing the great deal of anger, sadness and death in this poem. I was overwhelmed with the enormous amount of emotion interlaced within this poem. Here is a backstory of what Auschwitz was in our history books. Auschwitz was one of the largest concentration camps, that held Jewish people of all ages, captive during World War II. Nazi soldiers were ordered and carried out many executions and experiments on the Jewish people held at Auschwitz. Anne, while writing this poem, expresses feelings of anger, sadness, and outrage. Anne’s pain was expressed from what the Nazis did to other human beings in that concentration camp. Auschwitz is a name that will never be forgotten. Anne’s poem is a recreation of the horror she felt while touring that concentration camp. Anne was dealing with the unspeakable crimes committed against the Jewish people, in a very vivid physical setting. Anne talks about horrible things people can do too each other. Anne uses such graphic expression, to convey to her readers just how horrific it still is.
“After Auschwitz”, gave me the feeling that Anne thought death, was enjoying his time while the Nazis disrespected human life, and that made Anne very angry. A dead giveaway was the first line “Anger,” (Sexton 1). Anne’s feeling some anger for what has
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