After Cowboy Chicken Came To Town Analysis

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Response to After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town
In the process of generating a story, the most important elements are the setting, a plot, the characters, some conflict, and a prevailing theme. When these elements are present in a story, the readers are able to follow the structure and the meaning of the short story. If the writer has a good understanding of these elements, he or she can use them in creating the short story so that the readers will have a deeper appreciation. In analyzing the story, After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town, it has all these elements and is, therefore, a valid short story. This paper analyzes the elements, and how they give the story validity as a short story. It also examines what separates a fragment of a narrative from being a satisfactory short story.
The setting of a short story is the place and time when it takes place. It gives the reader some expectation and a boundary about the story. The narrative has its setting in the Muji City in China. The time was during the 1980s or 1990s. The plot of a story refers to the events that are depicted. In a short story,
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They help give the plot a meaning and move it along. Characters give a story the problems as well as the resolutions. They are important since they are what the readers identify with in the plot of a short story. The work of the author is to make a character relatable to the readers. This can be achieved by describing their physical appearance, behavioral traits, and interactions with others in the story. In After Cowboy Chicken Came to Town, the characters are mainly Chinese and the American owner of the restaurant, Mr. Shapiro. Hongwen, is the narrator of the story and he works at the restaurant with other Chinese workers. Peter Jiao is the manager of the restaurant. He is Chinese with American education. He speaks English unlike most of the other Chinese in the story and, therefore, acts as the translator for Mr.
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