After Halloween Break-Personal Narrative

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No one grows up wanting to hurt someone. People pride themselves in hospitality and following the golden rule, “Treat others how you wish to be treated.” Rarely does someone step back to wonder, “How have I hurt someone with my words today?” It does not matter how great a person is; there is something dark, deep inside of them, that will transform them into a hideous beast when it takes over their mind. Even if they struggle, nothing can be done to tame the beast named Revenge. I met this creature when I turned fifteen. It was my birthday, November 1, and the first day after Halloween break. I happily accepted birthday wishes from everyone, even students I did not know. I was finally being recognized by the the popular students. As strange as I acted when I talked animatedly about my likes and dislikes, I was decently normal when it came to what made me, me. I loved K-Pop, planned to be a choreographer, and was getting serious about yearbook. Unfortunately, I seemed to always end up in the shadow of my peers with everything from test scores to athletic ability. Jealousy boiled in my stomach, sending my head spinning with rage. I became distant from my friends whenever they mentioned the high test scores they got on their Pre-Algebra quiz. I scoffed and scowled at them when they talked about getting a 1 rating…show more content…
I realized that even though I saw myself as a sweet, caring person, the people I cared about did not. I was a monster to them, one that could not be forgiven. I turned into another me, one I did not want to know because I was too full of pride to ask why none of my friends could make it to my birthday party. It turned out the ones that were not busy with complicated issues had just forgotten about the event, which I still was not happy with, but forgave them for. I completely undermined them, putting my own feelings above theirs. I allowed something to overtake me, twist my morals, and throw them into murky
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