After School Activities Essay

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In my experience as a student, I do after school activities. From doing it after school I learned a lot and it has helped me manage my time. I find extracurricular activities helpful and knowledgeable. For example, one club that is helpful is Science club, because here I learned how to sew by sewing in food on dental floss for the birds to eat. Another example would be cultural dances, which I learned in Spanish club. These examples are few things I do after-school that help me with my education and housework. From doing all of this I got knowledge about how to do things. California Music Studio wrote that 79% of students participate in after-school activities. If the principal were to decide if they should have all students participate in…show more content…
Children's maturity will increase as they see the advanced of the activities they are doing is flattering and becoming useful. They may learn meticulous things in their activities that will gradually increase their knowledge and understanding. Kids will learn how to get all the work finalized furthermore, they will learn how to prepare for their regular schedule. Helping over in a club would be one thing they might do and it will teach them how to help everyone regularly if you let them start off by doing something. Children will have a better understanding of their daily schedule and when to do or clean their things up. In my experience, I have seen many students who weren't responsible enough to their homework and now the students who go to clubs have delved to keep up with their stuff just as the time that keeps up with its hours and minutes. Some of my friends play soccer and I've seen them take responsibilities of finishing their task they were given to do on the field. This help's them practice for the real game and they learned how they could take handful of responsibilities on school work just as they can take action in the tasks given in soccer. Another example would be my own personal experience on track. I took the responsibility of finishing the warm-ups and practices listed on the sheet which also teaches me how to take responsibility at home to complete work as homework first and get things organized in the house. Children who learn to care and apply the same concepts that they have in their club or sport to their daily lives to take
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