The Great Gatsby Reaction Paper

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Does wealth or love provide the happiness more individuals aim to receive within their lives? Jay Gatsby had a direct relation to this question throughout his life, especially after meeting someone he would begin to fall for and never stop. He was a wealthy man who lived in a lavish house, and appeared to possess most things that would make a normal man happy. However, he was missing something that could be even more important, love. The only thing that wealth and greed appeared to result in was corruption, and could be associated with the events that followed Gatsby’s infatuation. This theme is displayed in the Historical Fiction novel, The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald, narrated by a fictional companion of Gatsby, Nick Carraway. After moving next door to mysterious stranger, Nick, who recently moved to West Egg, finds his two worlds combine when this…show more content…
The writing and plot points appealed to me for the reason that it was not only a historical timepiece that used to basic writing to depict what the time period was like, but it incorporated romantic elements that made the reader look forward to learning what would soon happen within the lives of the fictional characters. It was specifically interesting and a good use of tense to make the narrator a close friend of Gatsby. Also it was beneficial for Nick to establish himself as not biased because it made the reader trust him more. I also enjoyed the dramatic elements that made the book more pleasurable to read, but at the same time the book focused on rationalism and realism. In contrast, The Great Gatsby could be considered a Romantic work because of the extreme emotion presented, and decay of society shown within Gatsby. He has wealth, and a mansion, but on the inside society corrupted him to get those
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