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After the Prophet by Lesley Hazleton is a narrative history that tells you about the cause of the split in between Muslims. The Sunnis and The Shias. Hazleton does this in three main chapters that circulate around the people that mainly cause the Sunni-Shia ordeal. Prophet Muhammad, Ali, and Hussein. When the Prophet Muhammad dies after an illness, his followers were at loss of an irreplaceable leader. Prophet Muhammad was the last prophet to be on Earth so there would be no one after him. People like to call him “the seal of the prophets.” Muhammad also did not have a son to take his place either, which would have been the best thing to do.

Starting off with how the author started the book, telling us about Muhammad’s life and who he is. She told us about Muhammad’s late wife, Khadija, and how her death took a toll on him. Also introducing Aisha who was one of Muhammad’s nine wives that he had after Khadija passed away.
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The first part, "Muhammad", was all about the Prophet. The author started the book with his last moments but made sure that everything that Hazleton was writing was everything related to him and only him. Take the Hadith of the Cloak (Hadith Al-Kisa), for example. It was when Prophet Muhammad brought together his daughter Fatima, Ali, and his grandsons Hussein and Hassan (peace be upon them all), under his cloak and announced them as his family (Ahl). It was a very important part of The Prophets life that purified his family by Allah as is stated in the Quran. Hazleton put these stories in a way that you could picture in your head easily. When telling the Hadith of the Pen and Paper, it’s almost as if you were there beside the Prophet Muhammad’s
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