Afterlife Beliefs

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Afterlife is such a mysticism subject just like the belief in GOD. Nobody that is alive today has seen GOD but yet people believe GOD did exist and some people believe God spirit is still with us today. Myself being a Christians do believe in an afterlife. Afterlife means life after death. Some religious groups believe after death the soul enters into the next world. There are many religions that teach at death the soul leaves the body and lives on for eternity. Afterlife is a mystery because there is no evidence or proof that this does happen but in spite of the lack of evidence many religion groups talk about the process of the afterlife and what happens after you die. Different religions have teachings on what happens to the body after death. Some religion does not believe in after life. There are plenty of religions that teaches about after life. Here are some of their beliefs about afterlife: 1. The Hinduism religion does in the afterlife and believes when a person dies there is a rebirth and reincarnation of the soul. Hinduism and Jainism both believe that the soul becomes a part of a jiva. the limited being, who is subject to impurities of attachment, delusion and laws of karma. Jiva because a separate entity and taking on a resting period during this time recuperating is taking place so that the should can return to the earth to continue its journey. Hinduism have a belief that if the soul is not liberated neither life nor afterlife are permanent
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