Odyssey Week 3 Summary

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Reading Response for Week 3: Chapters 5, 7, 9, 14, and 15 The view of afterlife according to the ancient Greeks could be mainly found in three readings. The first one is Homer’s Odyssey, which was the first book to talk about the afterlife. In the book, Odysseus tells people about his journey to the underworld. In Odyssey, the chthonic god, Hades, is introduced and the underworld is described as a very gloomy and dark place. All death souls are to go to the underworld. Only the cruel sinners, like ___, are the ones who get punished eternally. The second ancient Greek book that deals with afterlife is Plato’s Republic. In the last section of his book, Plato brings up the myth of Er. According to Plato, Er is a brave man who died in a war. However,
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