Ag Teacher Research Paper

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Being an ag teacher requires a lot more than just sitting in a classroom. It proves to be much easier for students to learn certain things by performing those tasks tangibly. Agricultural education prepares students for life. Ag classes offer students an education that will prepare them for college and work, as well as teaching them how to be educated consumers (“National Teach Ag Campaign - Frequently Asked Questions.” ) . Agriculture teachers also serve as the school’s FFA advisor. Being an FFA advisor allows teaching to travel outside of the classroom, and allows students to become even more involved in their community. Being an advisor also extends the involvement in FFA past high school, which impels one reason why many ag ed students…show more content…
Many state departments of education have additional requirements, like pursuing a Master 's degree, in order to acquire a teaching certificate (“ Agriculture Teacher: Education Requirements and Career Info.” ) .
On average, an ag teacher makes about $55,000 a year. Their starting salary alludes about $40,000. In Indiana, the average salary focuses around $73,000 and the starting salary outlines $37,000. Agricultural teaching jobs go unfilled each year due to a lack of qualified teachers. The NAAE speculates there to be about 8,200 high school and middle school agricultural education programs in the United States and Puerto Rico. Yet, each year programs close because there aren’t enough teachers.
According to the Ray Nash, an ag teacher in Mississippi, “Ag teachers never have the same day twice.” They often attribute to working during the summer (“Consider a Career In Agriculture Education - FFA New Horizons.”). County fairs, FFA events, and other agriculturally related gatherings are things that they get to be apart of. This often means traveling with the FFA Chapter to conventions and workshops around the
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