Aga Khan University Case Study Answers

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The Aga Khan University
School of Nursing and midwifery
Case Report Writing; Geriatric Rehabilitation
Course: HU 428 - CARE OF ELDERLY
Sana Muhammad Ali Hirani
Faculty: Ms. Fatima and Shehnaz
Clinical Placement: Internal Medicine Service Line
Date: August 7, 2017 Quality of life of every individual depends on health and health care. It is true that the world is changing and the life expectancy has increased globally. The estimated number of elderly worldwide will be 605 million (Dawane, Pandit, & Rajopadhye, 2014). This advancement in old age population is showing the most difficult challenges for both the developed and developing countries. Fatima & Mahwesh (2015).
During clinical rotation my practicum setting was The Aga Khan University Hospital. This organization has over all 12 service line but my focus was on internal medicine patients. The focus of the clientele in internal medicine is that, they deal with prevention, diagnosis and treatment of adult client. Where doctors, nurses and other para medical staffs involves in patient care from admission to discharge. Where more than 60 % of patients are elderly and they are fully depended on nursing care for their needs. Internal medicine service line is wide
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According to recent research, mortality rate due to pressure ulcer reached 60 % or higher within 1 year of hospital discharge. Mostly, it doesn’t cause death rather than it sub sequential decline in overall wellbeing of elderly client. Moreover, the cost expensive of treatment of pressure ulcer is even more expensive and in country like Pakistan, people are already having financial constrain and they are unable to pay the expensive health treatment and if due to nursing care or long term hospitalization patient develop pressure ulcer this will further increase financial burden on their shoulder. Thus, nurses play a significant role in preventing the ulcers among the hospitalized elderly

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