Against Bearing False Witness

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This assignment will discuss on a topic “false witness”. We choose this topic because people nowadays are not aware about the prohibited of bearing false witness. So, in this assignment we will talk more about the hukm of giving false witness and the punishment towards them. We will also discuss about the issues that already happen since the time of the Prophet such as Qazf and we include the characteristic of the false witness also the effect toward the victim.
First of all, Mehdi (2016, p.24) has defined false witness as a person who testified a false and unreal news by distorting the reality against a person and in favor of another one. Additionally, Kabbani (2003, p.133) also mention that false witness might occur in court when the
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Said, "The biggest of the great sins are: To join others in worship with Allah, to be undutiful to one's parents, and to give a false witness." He repeated it thrice, or said, "....a false statement," and kept on repeating that warning till we wished he would stop saying it. In the hadith, the warning against bearing false witness was repeated thrice because people take it too lightly and the hatred and envy can lead people to do so without any fear towards the punishment. Other than that, false witness is manifold sin. The reason why it is a manifold sin is because it is a lie which is a greater sin. Then, falsely accusing a Muslim is also a greater sin and lastly, it is involved in oppressing an innocent person which is another greater sin. Again, Allah prohibited thus who making unlawful thing lawful and acquire something which does not rightfully belong to him through a false witness and the witness also WAJIB to sure the fact before he…show more content…
There was a story where a Muslim was accused by a plaintiff for stealing a camel. The plaintiff has produced a false witnesses who were ready to perjure themselves hence, the innocent man was convicted of theft. According to the Islamic law on that time, a convicted theft must suffer from the amputation of his hand. Then, he prayed for the camel to speak and be his witness. The camel began to speak and went obediently to its owner and knelt before the man. This event has increased the light of faith in those who witness the event. The prophet asked the believer how do he can obtain that miracle and he answer that he always recite benediction upon you ten times before lying down to sleep. The prophet replied back that because of the blessing that you gave me, Allah has not only saved you from having your hand cut off but he will also save you from the torment of the fire in the

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