Against Common Core Standards Essay

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There are many teachers that I know against Common Core State Standards. They are partially right to be against it. I align more closely with the first statement because common core standards create an opportunity for all students across the nation to have equal education. As educators, our ultimate goal is to prepare our student for post-secondary education and to make sure that they are college and career ready. In my school, State of Nevada mandates high school students to take the ACT tests as a graduation requirement. As a college counselor, I encourage our students to take the standardized test for college admission. SAT or ACT is one of the key element in the college admission process and required for most of the post-secondary institution as an admission requirement. Common Core standards provide many advantages for students to be prepared for those standardized tests. Common Core standards are designed to help students for success in college and career (CCSS Initiative, 2010, p. 1). We have fifty different States that means fifty different standards and fifty different tests so students and parents get frustrated when they move from to another state. When I talk to my colleagues who are opposed to the common core, many of them say that common core has one size fits all approach that is not effective, applicable and will not work.…show more content…
It doesn’t deliver the curriculum or instructional strategies and assessments. A classroom teacher is the one who decides how to deliver the content, how to measure the learning and what type of assessment is effective. According to Black and William (1998), effective formative assessments allow teachers to adjust their instruction based on assessment data, to give students feedback about their learning. Common Core offers many formative assessment opportunities such as feedback, discussion, and self-assessment
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