Against Dress Codes In High School

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Dress codes are what every teenager despises. Teens are always being told to "be yourself" but dress codes are preventing you from doing so. Most dress codes are extremely strict. If kids are being sent home for the wrong clothes, they're just missing out on valuable class time. This can also lead to why kids dress against the code. It's an easy way to rebel against the school. Dress codes also seem to give off the impression of discriminating girls for being "distractions." This is a time where teens need to gain confidence and high school would be a good place to do that but the dress codes are preventing it. High school is a place for learning, not a place to worry about what kids are wearing. There's a time in our lives where…show more content…
Dress codes aren't allowing this to happen. Teens should be allowed to wear whatever clothes make them feel good. Insecurities play a major role in a teens life throughout their high school years. The school system should be more encouraging of teen's clothing choices. Just because a teacher wouldn't wear something doesn't mean younger people wouldn't. If there weren't strict dress codes, teens would have the ability to work on self confidence and learn to mature in their own way. The reason teens like to dress against the dress code is because of popular trends. Teens get their inspiration from celebrities. Almost all of their fashion choices are revealing. Teens just want to be "cool" and fit in. Every generation has different dress styles. Dress codes should have limits but still be lenient. In conclusion, I don't think dress codes should be completely banned. There should be limits but more freedom. I also believe dress codes should be the same every where unless there are school uniforms. The dress codes should also be equal for boys and girls. As mentioned previously, high school is for learning not dressing to impress. Teens need to take this time and opportunity to speak through fashion
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