Against Food Jonathan Safran Foer Analysis

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Jonathan Safran Foer is the author of many great books. He wrote an essay titled Against Meat. Which is the essay I will be discussing. Jonathan is a teacher a New York University he has be awarded many times for his extraordinary input into his writing. The essay that he wrote was "adapted" from his book Eating Animals. (pg.448) In Jonathans essay "Against Food" he talks about the way he grew up as a child and the reasons why he pursued being a vegetarian. He believed that animals should not be harmed for our benefit. No matter how hard it must be to give up something that you enjoy eating. Following what you believe can be extremely difficult due to many obstacles you may face while acquiring your goal but not giving up is the key.
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He was very close with his grandmother. Both he and his brother really enjoyed her food. They described her as "the greatest chef that ever lived" (pg.449). His grandmother loved to cook Jonathan says that she spent most of her free time in the kitchen. He didn’t understand his grandmother obsession over food. He says in his essay that he knows his grandmother "obsession wasn’t with food... or money". Jonathans grandmother had one plate that everyone hailed to which was chicken and carrots. By that time Jonathan was not yet a vegetarian.
Granted, the day came when they were both with their babysitter enjoying a delicious plate of chicken with carrot that his grandmother had prepared. However, Jonathan was amazed that his babysitter was not eating this extravagant plate. Did she not like chicken? he wondered. So, he finally asked her why she wasn’t eating the chicken with his brother and himself. She responded saying that she does not hurt anything. Followed by informing him that the chicken he is eating is actually chicken. He was instantly disgusted, in shock and torn. He was not able to finish eating the chicken, he was in disbelief. It made sense to him that the chicken he was eating was an actual animal and he was taught by his father not to hurt any animals. Yet his father encourages him to eat them. After he realized how cruel he had been to the animals. He became a vegetarian, he went a long time without eating meat. However, it didn’t last long, he went back to eating meat when he realized how delicious it was. Jonathan went back and forth between eating meat and being a
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