Against Great Britain Analysis

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Title: Against Great Britain

Introductory Paragraph: Brothers and sisters, We need your loyalty to fight off Great Britain. Sure, they are our motherland, but they 've done many wrongs. That many wrongs cannot be forgiven. No taxation without representation, Proclamation act of 1763, even paying for the proclamation line, these are only a few of the wrongs, think about how many there would be if we keep letting them. We do not wanna do this any more than you do believe me. But if we don 't stop them now it 's only gonna get worse. So stand with us against Great Britain!

Paragraph #1: Like stated before, Great Britain has done many wrongs and one out of the hundreds is the Stamp Act. Great Britain has taxed all of our paper goods, our
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Paragraph #4: Brothers and sisters, do not tell me you have forgotten about the Boston Port Bill. Great Britain has closed the Boston harbor until we Boston folk pay for all the tea we have spilled into the harbor. The Boston Tea Party was justice for what they have done. The Boston Tea Party was our revenge! Together we dressed up as the Indians and together we succeeded in throwing the tea into the harbor. Only together can we stand and fight Great Britain. Only together will we succeed. The Boston Port Bill is an act from scaredness. They are scared of what we are capable of and put this act into place to keep leadership in place. Only together can we defeat Great Britain. Brothers and sisters, I need your help…show more content…
Conclusion: In Jean Rousseau’s, “The Social Contract” he states that people are willing to give up individual freedom and be ruled by others but only if their rights, happiness, and property would be better protected under a formal government rather than an anarchic. We are here for this. We want to separate from Great Britain and be independent. We want to provide you with a government that provides you with all this. All we need is your help in fighting this war. It is a time we separate ourselves from Great Britain and become independent. In Thomas Paine’s, “Common Sense” he summarizes that Great Britain should not be governing us from such a far place and that we should break free. We have to fight for our independence and our freedom. Can we
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