Gun Control In Public Schools

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Gun control has been a very controversial subject as there have been countless incidents of open fires at public places during recent times. There have been multiple cases of gunfire at schools and other public places that have caused irreparable damage and severe tragedy. It would be fair to admit that the inefficiency of the gun control laws has been brought to the front by these incidents, where a growing number of cases are being reported about mass firings. Despite the damage it creates and the tragedy it wreaks in the minds of the public, it is deplorable that most of these events are politicized across the media. The sensationalism created by news like these are used to politicize these events and to muddle the facts. These discussions…show more content…
As an immediate effect of the shootings, the outrage by the students of the school had caused a stir across the Nation and media attention spread world wide. The shootings had left deep questions to be answered, and a lot of people felt that it was time for the government to take stern action against gun usage. There had been long drawn discussions about the politics involved in gun control between journalists across the country, but to date, lawmakers and the government have not arrived at a…show more content…
More gun control might.” author Doris K. Reed establishes a few interesting facts about gun control. The author who feels that effective gun control could be the only way to avoid mishaps like these establishes how stringent gun control practices can reduce the violence caused by mass shootings at public places like schools. The author refers to the San Bernardino school shooting where an eight-year-old innocent child was tragically killed. He reinstates the fact that the damages caused by weapons are permanent. The American public views guns as a means of self-defense and this perception have been slowly changing, due to the damage and havoc by these mass shootings. He asks for an immediate solution to the problem, insisting the importance of effective gun control and measures to stop further
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