The Importance Of Gun Control In Schools

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Gun control is an extremely hot topic that has become a serious focal point in the news today in America. Americans are seeing an increase in not only the numbers of shooting incidents that are occurring around the country, they are also seeing an increase in the number of mass shootings that are effecting students, in particular high school students. As a society, Americans have determined that mass shootings in school, which should be a safe haven for students, are not acceptable. One can successfully argue that Americans need to develop a way to stop deadly gun violence. There is an old saying that “guns do not kill people, people kill people’’ which means that shooters need to be stopped. However, the most effective way to combat deadly violence in school is to restrict access to guns. Furthermore, in order to decrease the number of mass shootings, Americans have to tackle the issue of gun control and what should be the legal requirements for citizens to bear arms. The right to bears arms should include a minimum age requirement in order to protect the innocent children who are the victims of mass shooting in schools across America. The Constitution of the United States Second Amendment reads as follows: "A well-regulated…show more content…
Children have a right to go to school! Children have a right to be safe in school! In order to stop mass shootings in schools, America must take guns and/or access to guns away from teenagers. That is the only and most effective way to protect children. Americans must take a stand and take the responsibility of protecting children back! It is not up to children to protect themselves. It is up to adults to protect students from gun violence. It is up to adults to secure the future of their young. American has the potential to stop gun violence and to ensure that students’ rights are
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