Against Mandatory Drug Testing

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According to, their are 110,489,000 Americans who are on welfare and more and more Americans are applying for welfare each year. Many Americans rely on welfare for their families and for individual needs. Welfare recipients should not be permitted to take a drug test because drug testing is expensive for states and the country, drug testing is unconstitutional and welfare recipients do not do drugs any more than people who do not receive welfare. Drug testing is expensive and cost states a lot of money one drug test cost averages to about 42 dollars, not including the cost for equipment and hiring people to conduct the test. States start programs that require welfare recipients to take a drug test and the programs end up costing them up to 1 million or, even more, depending on the number of welfare recipients that reside in that state. According to during the four months, Florida drug tested welfare recipients only 2.6% of applicants tested positive. Drug testing results do not justify the cost of the test and is using money that could be used for something much more important. States are having to pay for an expensive drug test while getting less positive tests and more negative tests. The states that are…show more content…
In Michigan, there was a law created that drug tests should be used in 2003 and it was found unconstitutional. According to American Civil Liberties Union, this point came up in the case of Marchwinski v. Howard this case took place in the U.S Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and the policy was deemed unconstitutional. In the United States Constitution, drug testing welfare recipients violate the fourth amendment. Drug testing welfare recipients fall under the category of unreasonable searches. Many welfare recipients can tell their privacy is being striped away from them. Under some state constitutions, drug testing is deemed as unconstitutional as
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