Against Mandatory Vaccines Argumentative Essay

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Opposing views claim all children do not need to receive vaccinations. For example, infants receive many vaccinations at once and anti-vaccine people believe vaccinations have caused an increase in autism. Statistics have shown only one percent of children receiving vaccinations develop autism and in the one percent affected, an older sibling also had autism. Other factors involve certain religions and beliefs and those people with religious beliefs and children who develop an allergic reaction to the vaccine should not receive vaccinations. Vaccinations will always be important due to the advances in medical science. For example, no reports of polio have been identified in the United States due to the vaccination. In addition, no true…show more content…
Several religions morally oppose vaccines such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Amish, Judaism and also some members of the Christian faith. “The First Amendment of the US Constitution states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof”” (“Should Any Vaccines,” 2015). These arguments support the view against mandatory vaccines. These arguments seem valid but the reality is that not all diseases have completely disappeared therefore, vaccinations are still extremely important and viewed as necessary. While some diseases have relatively disappeared, a parent should want their child vaccinated to protect themselves and others, including future generations. In support of this, “the polio virus can be incubated by a person without symptoms for years; that person can then accidentally infect an unvaccinated child (or adult) in whom the virus can mutate into its paralytic form and spread amongst unvaccinated people” (“Should Any Vaccines,” 2015). This shows that even if a disease is believed to be gone or is not presently a threat, it can reappear at any time. For these reasons each and every child should receive the required
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