Against Mandatory Vaccines Essay

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Vaccines are injections given to provide immunity against a variety of diseases. They are designed to build your immunity without inducing the disease they are targeted for. For many years, there were a small number of vaccines available. In the past 10 years, this number has become much greater, creating concern in parents. In recent years, there have been vaccination bills introduced to end the ability for Americans to not vaccinate their children or themselves. We have been told that vaccines are mandatory but Americans are not being told about side effects of vaccines nor are they being told that the vaccine may not be effective. In fact, billions of dollars are paid for in advertising to major media sources by pharmaceutical companies advertising a large variety of drugs. These same companies do not want journalists writing anything negative about vaccines. The federal government has made suing a vaccine producer for side effects impossible in the United States. Because of this policy, it is very hard to get a vaccine with bad side effects removed the way any other drug would be after a lawsuit finds it unsafe. There are many things that the CDC and Big Pharma companies do not let the public know and many vaccines have been taken down from the market because of how their side effects have been exposed.…show more content…
Ingesting these ingredients would not
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