Against Meat Summary

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Have you ever thought about eating vegetarian? In the excerpt Against Meat, the author gives us a look at how the society of vegetarians’ views meat through one person 's eyes. He was fed a lot of meat when he was young, but when he realizes what he is eating he quits eating meat. The views of the vegetarian society on meat, and what meat means to them are in this excerpt throughout. Foer utilizes imagery, internal conflict as well humor to show that viewpoint.
The author uses imagery in the reading excerpt.
Imagery can help guide the reader not only through visuals, but it allows the reader to use their senses to let the story come alive. Foer uses imagery helping show readers what they are actually eating, and that he came from a meat-eating background like most in the vegetarian society. The author uses two pictures one of his favorite dishes, which was chicken and carrots, the second picture was of baby chicks. This picture allows the reader to realize what vegetarians see when they think of eating chicken, instead of thinking chicken and the first thing that comes to mind is fried chicken. This picture also allows the reader to take a second and put together what they are eating, and persuade them to go vegetarian. He also goes back to his childhood, and reminisces his memories of meat “Some of my happiest childhood memories are of sushi “lunch dates” with my mom, and eating my dad’s turkey burgers with mustard and grilled onions at backyard celebrations, and of
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