Against Planned Parenthood

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Three percent of Planned Parenthood’s patients in the year 2105 went there for an abortion. Since Donald Trump does not agree with three percent of what this helpful, non-profit organization does, he has promised that when he takes office, it will be defunded by the government, who is Planned Parenthood’s leading donor by a landslide. Does Donald Trump know he would have nearly no supporters if people just dropped him because they did not agree with three percent of every single thing he says or does? Planned Parenthood has been around for 100 years and has helped many women, old and young, with affordable health care. Whether it be for PAP tests, breast exams, contraceptives, or even a young teen going in to learn about preventative health…show more content…
Donald Trump believes, “‘banning all federal taxpayer funding of abortions will save the lives of over one million Americans from abortions’”(Steven). This statement is false and inaccurate. Instead of those women going and getting an abortion safely carried out at Planned Parenthood, she will go get an abortion in a more dangerous way ultimately putting her life at risk too, which will lead to higher deaths. As Taylor Jacobs said in the article on the Odyssey online, “ Regardless of your personal opinions regarding abortions, it is not possible to stop every woman from getting the procedure if they are unprepared to have a child, no matter what programs are defunded. Thousands of women die from unsafe abortions per year and defunding Planned Parenthood would make getting an abortion even more difficult and likely increase the numbers of deaths.” Jacobs clearly sums up the perfect argument against what Trump was trying to say. We live in America; land of the free, home of the brave. Why turn our brave young women into fearful people by taking away our
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