Against School Dress Code Essay

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School Dress Code is Sexist School dress code has gotten out of hand, limiting young girls and boys on what they can wear to school. Telling young women that they are distractions in class because of what they wear. Girls get sent home because of their outfits it makes it seem like the administration is not worried about whether or not they get an education. Many types of clothing d or that have such as leggings, low cut shirts, and shorts have been banned or have restrictions. It is hard to find clothes that meet all these requirements. For some people, maybe leggings are all they can afford, but they cannot wear them to school without having to wear a tunic over them that goes to their knees. When a female student is taller, it then becomes…show more content…
The administration and teachers think the dress code is just fine even if it means that the student will have to miss their classes. The dress code is unfair and females are told that they are distractions for boys and the class. Females are told that they will be a distraction to boys if they wear leggings or if their shoulders can be seen, but has anyone ever heard a boy say “Man those are some nice shoulders!” I never have. Women cannot express themselves as easy because of the restrictions they have on the clothing they can wear. The way women dress is the way that people are going to perceive them. I do not think that is how it should be, everyone should be treated the same no matter how they look. But that will not happen because we know live in a very judgmental society and every little thing anyone does will be judged. The school dress code is just another thing that women get judged on because they have to follow these rules and have this certain look about them, that way they do not mess with the way that boys will learn. I believe that a female’s education is just as important as males and if a male can get away with wearing bro tanks, then girls should be allowed to wear tank tops too. Dress code needs to go both ways not just targeted towards females because that is what will make it
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