Against School Gatto Analysis

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Summary: “Against School,” by John Tayler Gatto In John Tayler Gatto’s ‘Against School,’ he argues that children and teachers alike have become bored with the notion of schooling. That there is no room to learn skills to build upon one's character but rather to keep busy. Children become bored of the structured material that they are forced to learn. Thus the teachers have no motivation to teach the children when there is no effort put forth. The structure of the education system causes an individual to become stuck and unable to learn skills useful to their character. The boredom that results from the busy work pressed upon the kids, has caused for a one way mind set. Gatto states how the education system has embedded the notion in a child's mind that the only way to succeed is to achieve the perfect grade. The human mind is unable to accept this idea because it is natural to rebel and express individuality. Which cannot be proclaimed through the design of the education system that forces unnecessary busy work on young minds. Not only are children bored but they are only being kept busy. There is no challenge that they are facing, merely a challenge of entertaining themselves. Most students struggle with school not because of the work load but because of the demand of long hours for intricate periods at a time.…show more content…
It is not the education of the children that is the problem more so the system that they endure. The education system of schools is holding great minds back and not allowing them to develop. Who knows, if it wasn’t for the fine structured prison that children are forced to attend, there might be more inventors or future presidents out there. Education may seem like the issue, however, it is the way we have been educated that is the
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