Against School Uniforms Research Paper

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Those against school uniforms make the argument that the introduction of uniforms cause many students to rebel, making a more difficult learning environment. Almost all schools have dress code policies. An argument that follows naturally would be that students will rebel against any rules set in place. In contrast, uniforms actually create a calmer, more businesslike environ-ment. As teacher Ms. Barry said, "The kids wearing uniforms are less cocky towards adults." She also noticed that after introducing uniforms, her "kids sit up and pay attention. They 're quiet. I think the school takes on a quieter, studious atmosphere. They are getting along" (Huss 36-37). Rules are also good for young people. It gives them the structure that is needed.…show more content…
Those against school uniforms hold the position that students will find other ways to cre-ate peer pressure if not allowed to wear whatever they choose. The key to the truth here is that uniforms do not eliminate all peer pressure, but they do limit it and restrict the areas in which it can be imposed. As teacher Ms. Evans said, "When all students are wearing the same outfit they are less concerned about how they fit in with their peers. Kids can develop strong feelings of in-feriority when they think they do not have the popular clothes." This threat to a child 's self es-teem can cause him or her to behave poorly and seek attention (Huss 36). In addition, many ad-ministrators noticed some students were more interested in designer labels than schoolwork (Ki-zis 18). Students cannot bully others for their outfit choice because they would be criticizing themselves as well. Ms. Flanagan, a teacher in a study conducted by John Huss voiced her opin-ions on the matter. She commented, "I think my girls are, perhaps, a little less 'catty '. You work with elementary girls and they love to compare one another, and I think that 's been a little easier to control this year. They still go at each other 's hair and things like that, but they 're not getting into the clothes this year a whole lot and I do believe the uniforms have been a big factor with that (Huss 36). Bullying and peer pressure may never be eliminated, but uniforms take a step in the right…show more content…
Opponents of school uniforms believe that they stifle creativity in the developing minds of young people. The wonderful reality is that creativity can be expressed in many different, healthy forms: painting, writing, dancing, singing, and more. Expressing oneself is not limited to clothing. In fact, clothing is a shallow means compared to more individualistic forms of expres-sion. Clothing is highly influenced by the media and celebrities. Creativity involves originality and the creation of new ideas or products. Wearing different types of dress is merely a selection, not new creation. Therefore, uniforms do not stifle creativity. In addition, when people enter the workforce, they are not allowed to simply wear whatever they feel like wearing that day to ex-press themselves. They must dress and behave professionally. This is a skill that should be learned at an early age, and uniforms foster its development
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