Against Stereotypes In Communication

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In communications class, we learnt about stereotypes, and how we act differently against stereotypes, whether in a positive or negative way. In this paper, I will talk about how I would go against a stereotype in the given situation, as well as how the act of verbal communication plays a role. Unfortunately, stereotyping has become a part of our everyday life. We refer to Stereotypes as "generalizations about people based on category membership"(Peter Hartley 1993). These generalizations are usually used to talk about in a negative way, like for example, in the current era, the media has stereotyped that all Muslims are "terrorists", or that all black people are "criminals". Though it really depends on the individual 's frame of reference, whether to fall into the trap set by media, unfortunately, through the use of verbal communication, the media has been successful in brainwashing the majority of the public into believing this. This goes on to show as to how persuasive verbal communication can be.…show more content…
In regard to allowing the student in or not, I would not allow the student in. Furthermore, if the student had tattoo 's or piercing, that would convey to me a sense of being rebellious, and perhaps irresponsible. Considering the fact that according to my frame of reference, tattoo 's convey a bad image and a sense of irresponsibility, it is unlikely that I would let the student in. The students tattoo 's would refer to as means of non-verbal
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