Against Violence Against Women

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Violence against woman is a major social problem in the United States. Overall the bureau of justice statistics reports that woman to maintain about 3.8 million women have violence attacks and 500,000 rapes a year in 1992 and 1993. More than 75% of these violence acts were committed by someone known to the victim, and 29% of them well committed by an intimate a husband, ex-husband,boyfriend,or ex-boyfriend. The consequences of this violence against woman may be long-lasting and with a host of both short-and –long-term problems, including physical injury and illness, psychological (To play with the mind) symptoms, and in extreme cases, death. After reviewing the literature an battering
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For example, although much stricter laws on violence against women have been passed in Bangladesh, violence against women is still rising. Social violence that occurs in public places and usually between strangers and domestic violence that occurs in households and usually between relatives. Instead, it is thought that wide societal changes to address gender inequalities and women 's empowerment will be the way to reduce violence against women this similar typology from an academic journal article on violence against women shows similarly the different types of violence perpetrated against women according to what time period in a women 's life the violence takes place. They say men are the managers in every field and subconsciously women are being slaves. However, it also classifies the types of violence according to the perpetrator. One important point to note is that more of the types of violence inflicted on women are perpetrated by someone the woman knows, a family member or intimate partner, rather than a stranger. Sometimes if a woman takes a stand and tries to complain about their rape then the police also embarrass her by asking vulgar questions instead of giving justice to…show more content…
The rate of reporting, prosecution and convictions for rape varies considerably in different jurisdictions. Rape by strangers is usually less common than rape by persons the victim knows. Still, in many countries, spousal rape either remains legal, or is illegal but widely tolerated and accepted as a husband 's prerogative. The criminalization of marital rape is recent, having occurred during the past few decades. Violence against widows rise in India mostly, they are cursed for husband’s death. Women are humans too. They should get equal rights and respect as men. If the violence against women vanishes then women will be empowered and it will lead our country to be safe and developed. Males have reported incidences of assault against them which are intended to harm them take their life at many occasions. Traditional understanding and views of marriage, rape, sexuality, gender roles and self determination have started to be challenged in most Western countries during the 1960s and 1970s,as the common mentality of India to have at least one male child after marriage, in case if it’s not possible they are cursed and assaulted for having taken birth in the home, which has led to the subsequent criminalization of marital rape during the following decades. Battered woman have tendency to remain quiet, agonized and emotionally disturbed after the occurrence of
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