Agamemnon Achilles Vs Job

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“Those who make [idols] will be like them, and so will all who trust in them.” (New International Version, Ps. 115.8) When a man spends immense amounts of time worshiping something, he grows to be like it. Whatever someone views as his god will shape him into behaving like that thing. Thus, those who worship a false god will become false and their ways will fail, while people who worship the true God will have eternal life in Him. These differences in worship are especially apparent when dealing with difficult circumstances which reveal people’s true natures. Agamemnon, Achilles, and Job react to and deal with adverse circumstances in the same way their gods do, leading them either to blessings or destruction. When Agamemnon does not get what he desires, he imitates his gods, especially Apollo, when he attempts to deal with the issue. Agamemnon’s primary conflict revolved around the girls he won as war prizes in his conquest of Troy. After sacking a city, he carried off the beautiful Chryseis, priestess to Apollo. As priestesses were essentially mortal wives of the gods, Apollo was outraged when Chryseis was abducted and resolved to plague the Achaians until she was returned. After the death of many Greek warriors, Agamemnon consented to return the girl to Apollo, but his pride was wounded just as Apollo’s…show more content…
5.4,8) God cares for those who are suffering, but only those who rely on Him will experience His joy in the midst of their sorrows. People who trust in God will be brought through their sorrows to a joyous result. On the other hand, people who trust in false gods react to sorrows in a rage that leads to destruction. As human mirrors, people such as Agamemnon, Achilles, and Job reflect their gods, and those who reflect false gods will fail just like the idols they
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