Agamemnon's Hatred In The Odyssey

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Agamemnon shows his hatred for Clytemnestra and Aegisthus during his conversation with Odysseus in Book 11 of The Odyssey. There are few crimes more heinous than the plot of Aegisthus and Clytemnestra to kill Atrides Agamemnon. When Odysseus asks Agamemnon who killed him, Agamemnon replies “he (Aegisthus) killed me, he with my own accursed wife” (262). The way he speaks of Clytemnestra demonstrates his animosity for their betrayal. Secondly, Agamemnon describes the way he died as “wretched” and “ignonimous” (262). This is another example of him showing his disdain for the circumstances of his murder. Next, Agamemnon mentions how “she turn[s] her back on me well on my way to Death- she even lack[s] the heart to seal my eyes with her hand or
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