Agape Foundations, Inc. Case Study

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Agape Foundations, Inc. (AFI) was founded by in 2003, as a faith agency not for profit, public charity organization. The founders are two African American females who were dedicated to providing support, guidance and counseling services to individuals and families within the Hampton Roads community. Its parent organization, Agape Counseling & Therapeutic Services, Inc. was founded in January 2000, to provide a fresh perspective to the mental health field, and its service delivery to client’s and management of agency staff. Agape counseling currently provides mental health services to individuals, children and families in 6 locations throughout the state of Virginia. In the summer of 2013, Agape Foundations, Inc. a new mission was given life. The agency is currently in phase one of this process, with the acquisition of a new building they moved forward with the vision to help people live self-sufficient lives. Agape’s model of social enterprise is the vehicle to fund their programs and services. Agape Enterprise Inc. consist of many micro businesses that provide jobs, volunteer opportunities, internships, and transitional employment for program participants. In 2013, the agency started Agape Counseling & Therapeutic Services and Outpatient Therapy to share the facilities. The agency is also working on opening a call center in 2015-2016.…show more content…
Board of Directors: CEO/Executive Director: Sherie R. Mawusi, LCSW, President: Lena Baker Scott, M.S. C.S.A.C., Vice President: Carol A. Cole, R.N., BSN, C.P.N.P., Treasurer/Secretary: Sallie Baker, A.A.
3. Sources of Funding: AFI is a non-profit organization so most of their funding derives from fundraising and donations, as well as the agency’s model of social enterprise is used to fund their programs and

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