Agar Disk Diffusion

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.4 Agar Disk Diffusion
The antimicrobial tests were carried out according to disc diffusion tests (Lennette et al., 1985, Kim et al., 1995). Cells were streaked on MHA agar plate to obtain colonies at 37°C for 16 hrs after which they were resuspended in sterile saline solution to give an O.D of 0.1 at 600nm. On solidified 2% MHA plate, the bacterial culture is swabbed and sterile disc impression was made, 10 µl plant extracts was loaded on the agar plate. After 10 minutes the plate is incubated at 370C The diameter of the clear zone was measured.

Fig 9: Agar disk diffusion

5.5 Time Kill Assay
The basic concept of the Time-Kill Kinetic study is establishment of the rate at which a microorganism is killed by a product as a function of survival
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Extracts Inhibition zone (in cm) Strains
1. 5C 1.3 E.coli
2. 1A 1.5 E.coli
3. 3E 1.9 E.coli
4. 4E 2 E.coli
5. 6E 1.4 E.coli
6. 5E 1 E.coli
7. 1E 2 E.coli
8. 6M 1.9 E.coli
9. 6A 1.6 S.aureus
10. 2E 2 E.faecalis
11. 3E 1.9 E.faecalis
12. 4A 1.2
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