Agate's Influence On American Culture

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The Agate is the healer of both the Tribe and Clan. He/She does not have a specific gift, but the Agate is wise, and has the knowledge of many generations of healers. Because only a Tribe cat can be the Agate, the Agate uses desert-based healing techniques. This means that we don't use your traditional herbs for healing, but rather, we use the many minerals found in the desert. These minerals are believed to help aid in healing, with minimal herb usage required as most of them can't survive in the desert. The Agate also uses spiritual healing as well. The war of the stars is as equally destructive as a war of the mortals. Those caught in the crossfire are the unlucky ones. Lost in limbo, these spirits cannot rest without justice. With no place to go, their ghostly presence can be felt in the darkest shadows of the desert. And their hungry gaze void of life, is fixated on the only place they've ever called home, the oasis.…show more content…
They can appear as apparitions, speak, and in some cases, even influence the world around them. Ie, moving small rocks, or tugging at a cat's fur. This all depends on how strong the character really is, weaker characters who are shy, might not be able to influence the world around them, or speak in a way that the living can hear them. This also means that a ghost can hurt the living, such as dislodging larger cliff rocks, however they cannot physically hurt a living cat as the ghost's body is, well, not
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