Agatha Christie Biography

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31 October 2014
Agatha Christie’s works Agatha Christie is one of the top-selling authors. In the preface of the book The Gentle Art of Murder, Bargainnier says that Agatha Christie is, “‘the queen of crime,’ the mistress of deceit,’ ‘the first lady of crime.’ ‘the mistress of misdirection,’ ‘the detective story writer,’ and even ‘the Hymns Ancient and Modern of detection,’ – these are just a few of the epithets which have been used to indicate Agatha Christie’s position as writer of detective fiction” (Bargainnier 1). Agatha Christie was one of the best macabre writers, she was encouraged to write, her characters are very famous and so is she. Agatha Christie was encouraged to write as a child.
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“She is the only mystery writer to have created two important detectives as characters, Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple.” (“Agatha Christie Biography” 1) says her biography. Also, she was very creative with her characters; “Some of Christie’s early sleuths included the married Tuppence and Tommy Beresford, whose specialty was hunting down spies” (Agatha Christie Biography 2). She used other writer’s work to create hers. The author of, “Agatha Christie Biography” says, “Poirot’s character also makes clear Christie’s debt to the mystery writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (1859-1930), the creator of the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes. Like Holmes, Poirot is a convincing spokesman for a rational (reasoned and unemotional) approach to solving mysteries” (1-2). When Agatha Christie was writing just like Conan Doyle, she also tried many different versions of detectives (“Agatha Christie Biography”…show more content…
She is the “queen of all publishing genres” it says in one of her biographies (Dame 2). She wrote quite a lot of books that are in the macabre genre. In the article, “Dame Agatha Christie Mary Clarissa Christie,” it says, “Agatha Christie was mystery writer who was one of the world’s top – selling authors with works like Murder on the Orient Express and The Mystery of the Blue Train” (1). Because of her extraordinary writings, “In 1971 Christie was named a Dame of the British Empire – a title given by the English king or queen in honor of a person’s extraordinary service to the country or for personal merit” (“Agatha Christie Biography”
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