Agatha Christie: Queen Of Mystery

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Agatha Christie: Queen of Mystery “It may seem paradoxical that a woman who was one of the most popular and prolific writers in the English language had a learning problem.” Agatha Christie, famous novelist and playwright, was well-known throughout the world because of her incredible skills in writing. Although Christie achieved many goals that she set, she struggled with her spelling and writing. Very few knew and realized that the bestselling author suffered from a learning disability known as dysgraphia (Siegel). To begin, dysgraphia is a very subtle disease, especially in children. Those who experience dysgraphia have difficulties with writing and spelling. At the same time, they have average to above average intelligence and no physical…show more content…
Along with her sister, Christie’s mother helped her find her first publisher after many rejections. When she got writer’s block, her mother always had advice to help her daughter. Madge influenced her younger sister as well by inspiring her to publish many stories in the newspaper. She also wrote under a pseudonym, which Christie did later in her writing career (Dommermuth-Costa 26). Lastly, she was inspired by the archaeological digs that she did during her life. These experiences and more all inspired Christie’s stories (91).
Throughout the world, the people reading the novels, short stories, or watching the plays of the esteemed author did not realize that she suffered from dysgraphia. Still, Christie wrote an autobiography, bringing attention to her disability (Dommermuth-Costa 100). Now more and more people are becoming aware of her dysgraphia. Years later, through the help of others others, Christie’s legacy is bringing attention to dysgraphia (Siegel). Although Agatha Christie struggled with her writing, spelling, and grammar, she did not let her dysgraphia keep her from her full potential. Christie became one of the most famous crime writers of all time all the while dealing with her disability. Throughout her life, Christie has led by example, showing how a disability does not define who a person is. Agatha Christie has inspired many displaying that no matter what obstacles may appear, anyone can accomplish
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