Agatha Christie Queen Of Mystery

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The third most outstanding author ever is still remarkably popular today. Agatha Christie has only been outsold by The Bible and William Shakespeare. Even forty-two years after her death, her short stories and novels are read by people nationwide. Christie didn’t always have the thought of being a writer, but the interesting events that took place in her life started her career. Today’s popular television show of Doctor Who even recognized Christie and her works in one of their episodes. Due to the theme of this popular television show, some aspects of Christie’s life are portrayed incorrectly, but majority of facts about her are amazingly accurate. The Queen of Mystery is in fact a very mysterious person herself. The Queen of Mystery is none other than the prodigious Agatha Christie. Born on September 15, 1890, the young girl never had the ambition to become a writer. “ She taught herself…show more content…
In this specific episode the characters are after a vespiform, which is a giant, wasp-like creature. This creature is undoubtedly fictional, and has nothing to do with Agatha’s life. An exceptionally popular character in Christie’s writing is Belgian detective Hercule Poirot. Agatha’s character in the television series stated that she chose a Belgian detective because “Belgians make such lovely buns”(BBC). However, that isn’t the case. Christie chose a Belgian detective because at the time when she was first introducing Poirot, there was a colony of Belgian refugees living in a parish in her hometown. This Doctor Who episode ends with the vespiform being killed, however a twist in the episode reveals that the vespiform is actually connected to Agatha Christie. As the vespiform dies Agatha dies. Although the fictional vespiform already strays from history, Christie died of natural causes at age
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