Agathon Socrates Speech Analysis

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Agathon begins his speech about love stating that no one has discussed the nature of the god, but rather the things that they gain from love. He says that the god of love is the happiest of all the gods because he is the youngest and most beautiful. He only hangs around other gods who are young. Also, he says that love is soft because it goes into our character and mind. Love is around because no one forces love. People allow love to be with them. Also, he states that love is moderation. This means that we are able to understand our desires. The gods only came together because love brought them together. Before this, there was a lot of chaos between the gods and they did bad things. Finally, Agathon finishes by stating that love is responsible…show more content…
Socrates enjoyed how Agathon phrased his speech meticulously. He believes that all the others who have given a speech about love have done a great job, but he does not think they tell the truth about love. He asks if he could say his speech differently and to ask Agathon some questions about his speech and Phaedrus allows him to. Socrates asks whether love is a love of something. An example that he brought up is a father is a father of a son or daughter and Agathon agrees. This makes Socrates ask if love is something that we desire that is already in our possession such as health and wanting to remain healthy and Agathon agrees once again. Socrates then points out that Agathon believes that love is something of beauty, but then states that is wrong because it needs to be whole without beauty. Agathon then realizes that he is…show more content…
For Agathon, he believes that love is there because of beauty. Since the god of love was so beautiful and young, it shows that love was created to be beautiful. He believes that love is with people because they allow it to be with them. Also, we are able to understand our desires with what we want with love. When Agathon states that love is responsible for beauty, wisdom, goodness, and excellence, he does not really prove it. He tries to prove that love is there because the gods were fighting and love was able to clear up the fighting. He does not prove that they stopped fighting because of love. Also, when he states that love leads us to wisdom, he does not show how it does. Agathon is talking about desire rather than really talking about what love is. I think this because desire is something you want while love is something that is something that you already have and will always have. This helps to bring in Socrates’ viewpoint about love. When he questions Agathon’s speech, he asks if love is a love of something and Agathon agree. This is important because you can love something that you already have as well as something that you have never had. Agathon is saying that you have to love something that you do not have. Love is something that is already in our possession. This means that we always have it and want to make it better.
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