Age 14-Personal Narrative

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Age 4 The screams became louder as I hid under my covers. My tears had soaked my face as the noise got closer. I could hear the gruesome noise of the cries of someone out in the hall. Mom always told me never to come out after she tucked me under my superman covers. I never really understand why. All I would know was when mama comes and gets me in the morning, it was safe from the monsters that causes my mama to cry and have holes in the walls.

Age 10

The monsters had gone away. It happened when I turned seven. Mama had gotten the holes fixed and she stopped crying every night. My covers don’t protect me anymore. Jaxon, my older brother, had come back home. So, if the monsters come back, Jaxon could fight them off.

Age 14

My mind
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Mama thinks I’m crazy and she kicked me out. My vicious thoughts towards my father grew over time. Now I know it sounds weird to go to college for nursing and have vicious thoughts, but ever since I was a little kid, I didn’t want toddlers or babies to have to live through the thought of monsters hurting things you love.

Age 22 I had lost my thoughts back when I was a sophomore in college. My college years are over and I’m trying to get in to a hospital to start working a real job. The job I had at the coffee shop was terrible. Sometimes I wanted to quit, but then I realized that I need it to get money for my needs and wants.

Age 23 My life had gotten a lot better over the year. The job at the hospital became mine. I went back to college and became a doctor. Ballie, the love of my life, had moved in with me. A plus thing to everything, Ballie works at the same place and same hours. Everything was bad in the beginning of life, but I had turned out the person I wanted to be. My problems didn’t change or define me, which I am very grateful for. Mama died a few years back. I miss her so very much. Father had gotten cleaned up and married. I am very thankful to god for every reason he believed in me or helped me in life.

Thank you Jesus and your team of people who
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