The Importance Of Teamwork In Healthcare Settings

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In any type of working sector including healthcare one will find a variety of people with different cultural background working together to accomplish the task at hand. In the healthcare setting healthcare personnel’s and staff constantly work together to provide the best service its patients. Every patient is a priority whether it includes direct or indirect care. Every single individual that works in the healthcare settings carry a different type of quality and experience that is very important to the healthcare setting. With each individual bringing their own unique skills and abilities to their jobs it enables them to work with each other creating teamwork and providing the best outcomes in the healthcare settings. At the end of the day this type of teamwork allows the heath care system to function and run smoothly. Healthcare is constantly changing due to advance technology making it more efficient and easier. As discussed in Module/Week 1, technology has helped eliminate paper files storage into computer-based database where medical records are electronically filed. The healthcare setting has adapted to advance technology where manually actions such as filing or making a chart for a patient…show more content…
To help reduce age discrimination in the workplace, managers need to take a stand to stop it. All employees should be given a fair chance to improve and learn new procedures before they are discriminated against their age. MacDonald & Levy (2016), research results suggested that there are psychosocial factors such as, work centrality, perceived social support and age identity could be used to develop satisfaction, commitment, and engagement in the workplace, while it would be advantageous for managers and business policies concentrate on lowering or eliminating both age discrimination and anxiety about aging in the
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