Should Driving Age Be Raised To 21

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Based on article Car accidents by (Car issues) there are three out of ten teens at the age of 18 cause car accidents. A driving license is an official document from the government which demonstrate that a person can be able to execute and drive a many types of motorized vehicle, for example: car, bus and motorcycle. Despite the fact that driving is hazardous, most teens drive at the age of 18. Driving at this age give them the chance to be independent at a certain point in their lives. Not every teenager can be fully mature enough to deal with this document. Many teens are also not mature enough to follow the strict rules. At this age driving should be raised to 21 for many common reasons including causing car accidents by not following the rules and many people cannot afford a car at this early age. According to Scientific studies on “Debate…show more content…
Mostly car accidents happen by people who are under 21 which is a reason to raise driving to the age of 21. At that early age teens are still young and less experienced to have the licensee. Car accidents especially by teens get nervous and scared at their first days of driving. Over panicking can make them concentrate less while driving which leads to accidents. The number of Cars are also increasing by teens who are driving at early age which is against the environment which causes air pollution. The government have been paying two hundred million each year cause of car accidents which is caused by teens. Raising the driving age can benefit the government, save the environment from air pollution and reduce car accidents. Another reason why people should not drive at an early age because of not following the
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